Pattaya is Thailand's most popular tourist destination, situated only 140 kilometres (one and half hour's drive) southeast from the Capital, Bangkok city and Thailand's main international Suvarnabhumi Airport. This seaside resort has grown from a sleepy fishing village in the 1960's to a thieving metropolis and Thailand's entertainment hub with everything you could possibly want available at your finger tips. American servicemen began arriving in Pattaya for rest and relaxation (R&R) during the Vietnam War and transformed Pattaya into Thailand's most popular beach resort; now greatly expanded and growing fast, it attracts over 4 million visitors a year. The city and the surrounding districts have a large expatriate community enjoying the low cost, high quality living . As a result the area has a cosmopolitan feel with mixture of services catering for any nationality.

There is high degree of English language spoken by the local employees in most establishments. Local Weather Pattaya Beach Resort enjoys all year round sunshine, the hot tropical climate temperatures average in the 30's for most of the year and the evenings remain warm. Thailand has three seasons, the cool season which begins in December until February, the hot season from March until July and the rainy season From August until November. Unlike some other tropical locations like the Philippines and the Caribbean, Pattaya, which is located in the Gulf of Siam, is sheltered from high winds and extreme weather conditions.

Thailand's Tsunami in 2004 The Tsunami that devastated many parts of Asia in 2004, caused only very minor tremors in certain parts of Bangkok and did not have any effect on the city of Pattaya or any other beach resorts on Thailand's eastern seaboard. Things to do and places to see in Pattaya Pattaya is home to many great tourist attractions suitable for children and the whole family with the new Cartoon Network Amazone water park due to open in mid 2014. Take advantage of Thailand's beautiful culture at The Sanctuary of Truth in Naklua, this is a must see The building was constructed according to ancient Thai ingenuity and every square inch of the building is covered with wooden carve sculpture. The purposes of decoration with wooden carve sculptures are to use art and culture as the reflection of Ancient Vision of Earth. Check out our sister site designed to give you all the latest news, what's on, things to do, places to see, reviews on top restaurants, bars, clubs, go-go bars, girls, nightlife and much more with full map locations and contact information.

Listing in Pattaya

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31.26 Sqm


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12,600,000 THB 63,000 THB

45,000 THB

200.00 Sqm


8,800,000 THB 41,121 THB

45,000 THB

214.00 Sqm


Rented Until Nov 2015

32,000,000 THB

600.00 Sqm

952.00 Sqm


2,200,000 THB 73,333 THB

12,000 THB

30.00 Sqm


2,200,000 THB 61,111 THB

14,000 THB

36.00 Sqm

8,000,000 THB 49,383 THB

40,000 THB

162.00 Sqm


Rented Until Jun 2017