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Pratumnak Hill from Unkept High Ground to High-Society Living

Pratumnak Hill from Unkept High Ground to High-Society Living

The area in Pattaya City, Thailand known as Pratumnak Hill has become so fashionable and so exclusive that it is literally fit for royalty. With its up to the minute condominium blocks, trendy cafes and five star eateries, why has this particular patch of Pattaya real estate become so “High-So” to use the modern Thai vernacular for what we Westerners would call “Posh” or “Up Market”.
It’s true that Pratumnak Hill is the so called “high ground” of Pattaya Beach, Thailand. As such it does offer the most spectacular views of both Pattaya Bay and the Gulf of Siam.

It’s also true that until the last decade or so, it was little more than a densely forested hill that had been largely neglected by local real estate developers. Today however, the smallest parcel of land on Pattaya’s Pratumnak Hill is thought to be hallowed ground, and is therefore eagerly snatched up by both local and foreign property investors and speculators … But why the change of heart?

  • Is it because of the hill’s breathtaking vistas? Absolutely
  • Could it be because it’s bordered by some of the finest beaches Pattaya has to offer? Of Course
  • Does the fact that it’s the home of the Buddhist temple Wat Phra Yai, which is where the 18 meter high “Big Buddha” sculpture presides over and protects all that it sees? Most certainly
  • Does the fact that much of the area is still covered by either lush tropical foliage or manicured parkland add to its popularity? I’d say so, yes.

The Beverly Hills of Pattaya

However, one of the primary and most overlooked reasons as to why Pratumnak Hill is now considered to be the “Beverly Hills of Pattaya” is because of the immense thought and care that went into the projects that were created by a handful of wise developers.

One such investor and perhaps the most successful is Mr. Kurt Svendheim, the founder and CEO of New Nordic. To call New Nordic merely a property development firm would be a grave understatement, as New Nordic is much, much, more than just a property developer.

Since Kurt Svendheim arrived on the Pattaya property scene some 7 years ago, he and his team at New Nordic, have taken more than just a passing interest in developing Pratumnak Hill’s future. In fact, he and his company have played no small part in transforming the once neglected mountainous patch of tropical foliage into what is now considered to be the most affluent, yet affordable neighborhood in all of Pattaya.

What makes Kurt Svendheim and New Nordic head and shoulders above all of Pattaya’s other property developers, is the fact that they have placed all their eggs in one basket, so to speak. In other words, rather than scatter their projects to the four corners of Pattaya and beyond, New Nordic has focused all of their 54 projects, 35 of which are currently 100% complete in what is essentially just one neighborhood of Pratumnak Hill.

Therefore, in many ways New Nordic is forging new ground as they have taken the art of property development a giant step further than any of their competitors. Rather than building a hotel on Pratumnak Hill, and then a condominium building miles away in central Pattaya; New Nordic have concentrated all of their development efforts on and around just three streets in Pratumnak Hill.

Sure most any property developer is capable of creating a single structure, but only Kurt Svendheim and New Nordic” target=”_blank”>New Nordic has earned the right to claim that they have been tirelessly working for many years now to create a single community.

For more information on the investment opportunity that New Nordic Group offers visit this website:
New Nordic Investments

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